Min. deposit amount to join the campaign is 500 USD

Trade Duration: Up to 5 Months

Rewards starting after trading 60 lots

Campaign starts in 03/05/2023

Tesla Model Y

Toyota Fortuner

Gold 30g



Lenovo IdeaPad

Toyota Fortuner

iPhone 13

Samsung TV 43

Gold 30g

iPad Air

Gold 5g

HUAWEI Mate40 Pro 5G

Switch Oled




To join the campaign, simply fill the form on the top of the page and follow the steps consecutively.

Campaign will be live between 03/05/2023 to 03/10/2023. Max trading duration will be 5 months after attending the campaign.

You will be offered corresponding gifts or cash bonus after client fulfils required minimum trading volume and net deposit. See the requirements below.

When calculating required minimum trading volume, only currency pairs (FX), XAUUSD (Spot), XAGUSD (Spot), WTI (SPOT & Futures) and BRENT (Spot & Futures) transactions will be considered. 

Only one reward can be claimed during the event. In order to claim your reward after fulfilling trading requirements please reach out to your customer representative.

To learn more details about the promotion please refer to T&C

No Reward Min Deposit Requirement($) Lots Required
1 Tesla Model Y 10,000 16,000
2 Toyota Fortuner 2.4 5,000 12,000
3 Gold 30g 2,500 3,500
4 iMac 2,500 1,500
5 iPhone 13 2,500 1,050
6 HUAWEI Mate40 Pro 5G 2,500 750
7 iPad Air 500 550
8 Switch Oled 500 400
9 Lenovo IdeaPad 500 350
10 Samsung TV 43 500 300
11 Gold 5g 500 250
12 E-Wallet 500 60


You have joined the campaign.

You're on your way to Tesla!